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The Gospel, Trial and Claims of Mary Magdalene

Move over Dan Brown! The Da Vinci Code has been broken...

The long lost deciphered doctrines of the Asherah-Magdalene Temple Church, coming, as it were, out of the infinite to herald the long suppressed alternate claim to leadership of the Christian church, the Magdalene primacy.

The 'Elect Lady' presents as primary contender to the leadership of the Church, with a more superior xxx claim than Peter, replete with revolutionary love doctrines, still ahead of their time, all rooted in scripture.

“Love one another, not one other” is not just platitudinous waffle, but rather a stark and confrontational challenge to love like you have never dared love before - “with all those you like who really quite like you”.

A return to edenic bliss before the fall for all true believers.

Herein is to be found a scriptural and doctrinal prescription for an across the board reexamination of many society norms and suppositions.

The challenge of all challenges to all organized male non love religions and an alternative to all who have rejected such.

This is very new, but also very old.


For the first time in literary history it is now possible to provide and distribute by networking an alternate SheBible modern translation of much of the New Testament and Davidic/Solomonic books. Here, for the first time ever, you will experience God as God.dess and SHe and Her if you would love to know God as FeMale.

This version will appeal to all those who seek a long overdue alternative to exclusively patriarchal versions of scripture who seek to know God.dess and read scriptures where God presents Herself, scripturally permissible and more correctly as FeMale, rather than male with no female aspect.

The SHeBible is also a version for those who would like to be able to network market scripture for the first time ever and so literally fulfill the Great Commission in Matthew 28, by way of direct marketing this double value volume, which should be in everyone's hands.

Available from all participating outlets and voluntary direct sellers. Please see inside pages for selling details where you can participate in the foundation and expansion of this alternate rendition and superior line of authority.

What's Inside

Two Books - The Gospel, Trial and Claims of Mary Magdalene & The Magdalene SHeBible

The Gospel, Trial and Claims of Mary Magdalene & The Magdalene SHeBible
Dr. David Gregory Murphy
Special Contribution
Dr. Andrew Theophanous
Fiction, History
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Dr. David Gregory Murphy › Perpetuity owner, law therapist, chairperson of Sydney Treatment Alternatives Advocacy Group.

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